Eco Bike Tour in Historic Heraklion

In a small group, we will explore two different things: the historic city center of Heraklion and vibrant and creative everyday life of Cretan people.

As we ride, I will tell you lots of legends and stories about the characters who have shaped Heraklion City.


This ride is for you if:

  • you want to see the historic neighborhoods where people have lived and worked for centuries
  • sitting on a tour bus is too passive
  • you prefer to go off the beaten path and see the alternative sights of Heraklion
  • you want to engage with a real Cretan guy, who can give you honest opinions on all aspects of cretan life, tradition and culture.
  • you want to see most of the city in one day.

You will ride my personal collection of electric bikes (pedal-free), which are fully certified and insured.

We'll move around some of my favorite neighborhood spots, we can do that because... we ride bikes!!

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Eco Bike Tour


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